Turkey Peak
A water supply project for Palo Pinto County Municipal Water District No. 1


Currently, Palo Pinto County Municipal Water District No. 1 serves customers in Palo Pinto and Parker counties, including the City of Mineral Wells, the town of Graford, two special utility districts, five water supply corporations and the Brazos Electric Power Co-op.

31,000 CURRENT

Project Components (hover to see details)

1New dam and spillway construction 2Closing a portion of FM 4 3Upgrade of Ward Mountain Road to support traffic diverted from FM 4 4Construction of a bridge at the existing dam and spillway at Lake Palo Pinto along with extension of Brown Road to Lakeview Drive 5New boat ramp facility off Ward Mountain Road serving the Turkey Peak Reservoir 6Removing a four-foot portion of the existing spillway at Lake Palo Pinto to connect the two reservoir pools 7Construction of a multi-level outlet tower which will release water downstream into Palo Pinto Creek

Lake Palo Pinto

Proposed Turkey Peak Reservoir

Palo Pinto Creek

Brown Road

N. Lakeview Drive

FM 4 / Ward Mountain Road

Patterson Lane


The Turkey Peak Reservoir will be located on Palo Pinto Creek immediately downstream from Lake Palo Pinto, approximately two miles northwest of the City of Santo, and upstream from the bridge over Palo Pinto Creek on FM 4.


The estimated cost of the project is $95 million.* To date, Palo Pinto County Municipal Water District No. 1 has secured $17.1 million in funding from the State Water Implementation Fund (SWIFT). An additional $8 million has been secured from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), the Economically Disadvantaged Assistance Program (EDAP) and the Water Infrastructure Financial Program (WIF). The remaining project costs are to be funded by TWDB SWIFT loan. The District has permits to build and is working to complete final design and acquire the necessary property rights.

* Based on January 2015 cost estimate for TWDB SWIFT application

Historical Timeline


Lake Palo Pinto dam was initially constructed with a conservation pool level of 863 ft above mean sea level. The level was raised a few years later to 867 ft.


During the early 1980s and after multiple recurrences of low lake levels, a volumetric survey of the lake was performed and determined the reservoir’s conservation capacity to be 27,650 ac-ft, or about 16,450 ac-ft less than the authorized capacity of 44,100 ac-ft.


Increasing demands and drought led the District to evaluate various options to supplement the Lake Palo Pinto water supply.

2009 - 2018

The District submits required permit applications to state and federal agencies. Permits were granted in 2015 and 2018.

2012 - 2015

New drought highlights the critical need for additional water supplies.


Begin construction of the Turkey Peak Reservoir.

Design & Construction Timeline

2018 - 2022

Final design, land acquisition for reservoir, and mitigation implementation


Project funding

2025 - 2027

Construction of the Turkey Peak Reservoir


Project complete


Reliable Water Supply

Turkey Peak provides more reliable water supply to meet future needs.

Reliable water source in times of drought Increases Brazos Electric reliability levels Meets future need 2 billion gallons per year

Cost Efficiency

Other sites assessed could not provide the same amount of supply at a comparable cost.

Per unit cost lower than alternative sites Lower operating costs compared to other options

Capacity of Site

The Turkey Peak reservoir will utilize a smaller surface area with more depth to maximize water storage.

Deeper with smaller surface area Provides maximum amount of water Higher capacity than other sites

Environmental Impacts

The location of the new Turkey Peak Reservoir is least invasive to streams and natural habitats.

Avoids habitats of endangered species Mitigates impacts to streams and waterways


Upon project completion, the combined lake and reservoir capacity will be about 50,000 acre-feet, or 15.9 billion gallons. This will increase storage by 83 percent and increase reliable supplies by 6,000 acre-feet per year, allowing the District to meet future demands.

83% Capacity Increase

New Total Capacity 49,803 ac-ft

Current Capacity 27,215* ac-ft

Drought Reliability Water Storage with Turkey Peak Reservoir

(Recent Droughts May 2012 - February 2015)

Combined Storage 49,803 down to 13,000 ac-ft Lake Palo Pinto Storage 27,215* down to 3,000 ac-ft *According to a volumetric survey performed in 2007



Press Release: Tarleton team to conduct mitigation project ahead of lake expansion Press Release: Texas State Water Plan Reaffirms Need for Water Supply Projects

Historical documents

Project overview

Landowner Information


Contractor Resources

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Contractor information and outreach will be provided before the project goes out for bidding. Check back for additional information.


My business is interested in submitting a bid for construction.
Thank you for your interest. The revised project schedule anticipates construction likely beginning in 2025. There will be an ‘interested contractors’ section added to the website to provide additional information before the District issues solicitations for bids.
What will happen to the level of Lake Palo Pinto?
The normal conservation pool for Lake Palo Pinto will remain at 867 feet above sea level. The conservation pool for the new Turkey Peak Reservoir will be at the same elevation. Once construction is complete, the two pools will be connected and generally have the same lake level.
Will boats be able to pass from Lake Palo Pinto to Turkey Peak Reservoir?
The current plans are for a lowering of the spillway at Lake Palo Pinto which would allow for boat traffic between the two pools when water levels are sufficient. There will be a boat ramp on the Turkey Peak Reservoir providing access for boaters.
How much land will be acquired for the project?
The District will be acquiring approximately 900 acres of land for the Turkey Peak Reservoir. It will acquire easements across approximately 430 additional acres of land for other components of the project. This acreage is spread out over approximately 30 landowners.
Will nearby road access be impacted?
Current plans call for a new road/bridge across the existing Lake Palo Pinto Dam to connect to South Lakeview Drive. Brown road will be extended to connect to North Lakeview Drive. Ward Mountain Road will be upgraded to handle additional traffic from the closure of a portion of FM4. There are no roads planned to go over the new dam, as traffic will be able to pass on the existing FM4. There are no plans for modifications to Patterson Lane.
Will there be a marina on Turkey Peak Reservoir? Will docks be allowed?
The current plans do not include a marina, do not provide shoreline access from adjacent property, and do not allow for boat docks on Turkey Peak Reservoir.
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